Sunday, January 20, 2013

20/365 *Day 8

Day 8: Technology

Yeah i know, i know
i'd skip Day 5, 6, and 7 Already. HAHA

It's not like i dont have internet connection,
or being busy all day long for 3 days.

blame the Teen Wolf seasons 1,
it's Derek's fault that i can't keep my eyes away from the screen

gif taken from tumblr

How could u say no to those sexy body eyes?

 Back to reality.

ok, i started with day 5, which suppose to be on 17/365

Day 5: Someone i love

well, of course, my mmom and my dad.

ok since i'm happy with the way i live right now,
i don't need a bf yet.



Day 6: Childhood memory

I don't have many picture of me when i'm still kiddo.
only a few,
makes me promise to my self that one day,
when i have my own child
i took their pictures millions time
every moment
every smiles
when they're laughing
or even when they're sleeping.

so that one day when i'm gone, 
they know i cherish every single day of my life with 'em

Tp bila suda besar jd nakal, aku "tapap" jgk karang.

this is the only picture i thought i've seen, where my late maternal grandmother and late uncle in it
i guess we were having a family day at kundasang.

there's me in black and white stripes stand next to my mother.


Day 7 : something new

my job.

i think one thing that is new to me, 
is my job now.


so, i'd recap all 3 days which i skipped 
here's next

Day 8: Technology.

soon baby.
u'll be mine.

image taken from google

i'll make sure this is the year.
this is it.

Devil's laugh


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